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"Dave was available for service the afternoon of the day I called, he was very professional and respectful. He provided great service and in good time. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone for appliance repairs. Working for an appliance manufacturer myself I am picky on who I do business with for repairs, I can say he was A+ and I will be referring him to family and friends."
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Have You Got An Appliance On The Brink?

Is your freezer or refrigerator not cooling properly? Perhaps your dryer is not heating your clothes or your washing machine isn’t draining? Maybe your oven is not heating properly? The list could go on — we can all agree that if one of your appliances is not working as it should, it can turn things a little upside down at home.

That’s where we come in. At Patrick Appliance Repair, we provide trusted, quality appliance repair for residents in and around Clarksville. We appreciate that when your appliance is broken, you want it to be fixed fast. That’s why we provide prompt repairs and get out to you the same day of your call to help get things back on track. As an owner-operated company, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a company that honestly cares about you and the service we provide — you can see what some of our customers are saying about our services right here. Or tap on one of the buttons below to see how we can help you, today.

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Washer Repair

Whether your washing machine is leaking all over the laundry room floor or your clothing comes out of the washer sopping wet, we can help you.

Patrick Appliance Repair provides washing machine repairs for virtually any make or model of machine. Our team has the knowledge and hands-on expertise to efficiently and effectively repair just about any washing machine problem.

Washing machine repair in Clarksville

Dryer Repair

Is your clothes dryer making loud noises? Do your clothes come out of the dryer still wet? Does it take forever for your dryer to get your clothes dried? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then there may be something wrong with your dryer.

But you don’t have to let your laundry pile up. Patrick Appliance Repair provides professional dryer repair services to customers throughout Clarksville. Our expert technicians will diagnose the issue, providing you with a comprehensive inspection to help understand what the issue is. We will get your dryer fixed as soon as possible.

Dryer repair in Clarksville

Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is quite possibly one of your most important kitchen appliances. Since it is used on a daily basis to store meals, preserve ingredients and keep food cool — it's important to take care of any problems quickly.

Your refrigerator uses the evaporation of a liquid to absorb heat. It has four main parts; the compressor, heat exchange pipes, expansion valve, and of course, the refrigerant that evaporates to create cold temperatures. At Patrick Appliance Repair, we are committed to repairing your refrigerator issue promptly with a quality service. Whether the issue is that it isn’t cooling properly, making loud noises or is suffering from a leak, you can rest assured that we can help.

Refrigerator repair in Clarksville

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers make cleaning up after meals convenient and easy, but only when they’re working properly! Dishwashers offer you and your family a great deal of convenience, cleaning your dishes while you sit back and relax. However, a broken down or poorly running dishwasher can be anything but convenient.

Patrick Appliance Repair offers a complete dishwasher repair service to homeowners throughout Clarksville. We start with a full diagnostic inspection to help identify and locate the cause of your dishwasher’s malfunction. Then we follow up with efficient, effective dishwasher repairs to completely resolve both the cause of the problem and the symptoms.

Dishwasher repair in Clarksville

Range Repair

Whether the range or stove won’t heat up or you have a burner out, we are ready to help with all of your oven and stove repair needs. Using our professional expertise to efficiently and accurately troubleshoot your oven repair issues, we can help identify the problem and get your stove back in working condition fast.

Keep in mind that malfunctioning ranges, cook tops and stoves can create major safety issues for you and your family, so it’s important to call a reliable appliance repair company for immediate repairs. Our appliance repair technicians are specialists you can trust for safe, correct, complete cooktop, stove or range and oven repairs.

Range repair in Clarksville

Oven Repair

In most cases, a reliable oven repair service can fix your appliance quickly and for a reasonable fee. There’s a strong probability that getting your stove or oven repaired, instead of replacing it, can save you hundreds of dollars.

If your stove, oven or gas range is acting up in any way, get in touch with us and we will get a technician out to get you up and running in no time. When you use our dependable oven and range repair services, you won’t have to worry about the frustrations and potential safety hazards of dealing with a broken oven.

Oven repair in Clarksville

Microwave Repair

In a modern kitchen, the microwave is probably the most used appliance. Without one, it can be tough to prepare quick meals or reheat leftovers. Microwaves can break down for a variety of different reasons. If this happens to you, don’t buy a new one instead call us for a quick repair job.

No matter what brand of microwave you own don’t hesitate to call us. We offer repairs for almost all brands. When you choose us for your repair service, you will also get honest pricing.

Microwave repair in Clarksville

Garbage Disposal Repair

First thing first — please never put your hand down a garbage disposal to see if anything is in it, even if the switch is off! Please unplug it first.

Garbage disposals are one of those kitchen appliances that are great — when they are working. Few people realize that garbage disposals are only designed to handle light food residue that is rinsed from plates and cooking utensils before they go into the dishwasher.

To prolong the life of your disposal, keep the drain clear of hard or dense items like bones, thick fruit, vegetable stems or food like products. Before you start your disposal, check for silverware, plastic or metal that might have fallen in by mistake. Avoid sinewy or string items being placed in your disposal, this will tie up the cutters or blades and may destroy your motor.

Large quantities of food and debris going into disposers can overwhelm them and clog the kitchen sink drain. Few things are more frustrating than a kitchen sink that won’t drain, but technicians are experts at kitchen drain cleaning. We’ll also repair or replace your broken garbage disposal and get your sink back to normal in no time!

Garbage disposal repair in Clarksville

A review from a happy customer in Clarksville

"David from Patrick Appliance came to fix my parent’s freezer. David was extremely professional, he was respectful, kind and his work was impeccable. He fixed the issue in a timely manner and he was honest and fair in pricing. I HIGHLY recommend Patrick Appliance and ask for David, he is phenomenal."
Cynthia M. via Google

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It’s not ideal when an appliance is no longer working properly at home. We completely understand that here at Patrick Appliance Repair. We saw there was a need for better quality appliance repair and customer service here — that’s why we started the company. We love to help people and you can take a look to see what our customers are saying about us right here from our verified customer reviews!

If you’ve got an appliance in need of repair, please don’t despair! Get in touch with us today.

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